Best Online PhD Programs In Psychology

Best Online PhD Programs In Psychology Accredited

Are you looking for Best Online PhD Programs In Psychology? After the selectivity test, many students have to consider their future and decide which university degree they want to pursue. One of the more interest-generating careers among future university students is, without a doubt, a degree in psychology.

Best Online Phd Programs In Psychology

While some people are very clear about what they want to study and do before they even finish high school, others, even after high school, still have doubts and surprises, psychology What are the reasons for studying for a degree?

The Universities That Offer Online Phd Programs In Psychology Degree?

You can find the answer to the first question in our article “Why study Psychology? 10 points you should value “. The answer to the second question can be found in this article.

Deciding where to study a career is an important question, which often depends on our grades. But one option that has been growing in recent years is studying online careers.

Distance training has gained popularity in recent times for its benefit: it provides more time flexibility to students who are combining study with work and facilitates studying without travelling to another city Are and are independent of location (although usually required) examinations at different centres specified in different localities or autonomous communities).

One of the most common reasons that students opt for online education is the lack of time to attend classes face-to-face.

However, many online university institutions, in addition to the courses and videoconferences published on the virtual campus, also offer the possibility to attend the university centre so that students can benefit from the various lessons taught individually. Of course, attendance is not compulsory.

The Top 11 Universities Offering Online Psychology Courses

There are several university centres that have joined this training model, knowing that it caters to the needs of many students and generates a lot of interest among future students.

Below you can find a list of Spanish universities that offer distance degrees in psychology as part of their training offer.

1. University Of The Cumberlands

University of the Cumberlands

The University of the Cumberlands provides the most economical online psychology doctoral degree program on the list.  The program is regarded as a hybrid level and provides a mixture of online courses with on-campus clinical education.  Throughout the initial year, all classes are 100% online.   

The program is created to assure the general guidelines of the American Psychological Association (APA). 

Entry is competitive and requires a whole essay and program, together with GRE scores, an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or greater, and three completed recommendation forms.  The University of the Cumberlands is a top-ranked federal university with major books like U.S. News and World Report.

2. Touro University

Online PhD in Human and Organizational Psychology, Los Alamitos, California.

Touro University

3. International University of Valencia

The International University of Valencia offers training programs in psychology at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, such as a master’s in general health psychology or a university master’s in third-generation psychological medicine.

International University of Valencia
In addition, it is the first online university to offer mentions of forensic psychology in its degree in psychology (which is already in its 13th edition).
Another aspect to highlight Valencia International University’s degree in Psychology (online) is that all classes are alive and offer many masterclasses taught by internationally recognized experts in the fields of behavioural sciences and related scientific disciplines.
All study options in psychology offered by the International University of Valencia are based on a combination of live classes and materials available on its online platform, as well as discussion forums and in-person tutoring services. 
In addition, the subjects are taught by specialist professionals in the fields of psychology and behavioural sciences.
This is a very interesting option for those who want to study psychology at a distance with all the benefits of the online format’s versatility and the flexible hours it offers.

4. Open University of Catalonia (UOC)

The UOC is a Catalan distance university of the highest quality level, which is why it enjoys great prestige. It was created in 1996 and its headquarters are in Barcelona. In addition to degrees in psychology, UOC also offers master’s degrees, postgraduate study, specialization, seminars, specialization courses, language courses, and doctoral programs.
Studying at a distance implies high responsibility and proper time management on the part of students, but the UOC offers its students different tools that facilitate student learning, with collaborative workspaces, high-quality audiovisual content, and access to training through mobile devices. 
In addition, the contents are specifically adapted for the characteristics of distance learning, in a much more autonomous way than that given in classrooms and enhance that spirit of research on their own.

5. University of Chile

The University of Chile, better known as UCHILE, is another great option if we are looking for an online university that can start or continue our studies. It is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the South American country. It is a public and independent institution.
Online Phd Programs In Psychology%2B Accredited
UCHILE is headquartered in Santiago de Chile, and the various career study plans offered are divided into semesters. The Faculty of Psychology is located within the Faculty of Social Sciences and can be studied in undergraduate and graduate programs. It is one of the most prestigious institutions in the Andean country.


6. Miguel de Cervantes University (UEMC)

UEMC is a relatively new private university institution, located in Madrid, but is very popular and has undergone spectacular growth since its inception. Much of its success has to do with the reputation earned for good behaviour with the student, with a close teacher-student relationship being strong.
Online Phd Programs In Psychology Accredited
In addition to the possibility of studying for a degree in psychology, it has a wide range of postgraduate training. This offers the possibility of mentioning Health Psychology for students who are interested in pursuing a Master’s Degree in General Health Psychology.


7. Distance University of Madrid (UDIMA)

Madrid Distance University (UDMA) began teaching in 2006, which was, at the time, the third distance university in Spain. UDIMA offers 18 official bachelor’s degrees (including psychology) and 35 official master’s degrees.
Best Online Phd Programs In Psychology

It is headquartered in Madrid but its students are spread across the national territory. UDIMA is a member of the European University Association.


8. Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM)

The Catholic University of Murcia is a private university institution with headquarters in the Region of Murcia. Currently, it has more than 15,000 students from different countries and different nationalities. The Online Degree in Psychology is considered # 1 in Spain according to the U-Multirank. 
Best Online Phd Programs In Psychology

The title is also available in person and UCAM allows students to obtain different mentions:

Mention in Neuropsychology and Neurodevelopment
Mention in Health Psychology
Mention in Educational Psychology

9. Isabel I University

Isabel I University was established in 2008. It is an online and mixed university centre with headquarters in Burgos (Castilla y Leon, Spain). It has degrees, official master’s degrees, and its own postgraduate degrees, all of which are fully valid in the European higher education sector.
Best Online Phd Programs In Psychology

In addition, double degrees are taught from this university, a Degree in Psychology + Degree in Criminology, which makes it unique in the entire national field with this option. Currently, more than 6500 students are studying at this university.


10. International University of La Rioja (UNIR)

The International University of La Rioja has an online degree in Psychology that provides materials, tools, and a full repertoire of teaching staff to maximize the potential offered by this learning modality. 
Best Online Phd Programs In Psychology

In addition to easing the compatibility between academic progress and work-life based on 100% online learning, its curriculum is very diverse so that anyone who goes through this degree can be trained in all areas of this fascinating scientific field.

In addition, the student has an individual tutor’s accompaniment, which creates an individual plan for each student and all classes can be viewed as late as many times later.
An excellent option that offers the possibility of having over 250 hours of live online classes per course.


11. Catholic University of Valencia (UCV)

The Catholic University of Valencia is one of the institutions that makes it easy to complete a degree in psychology through an online format. It has introductory courses on the use of intranets and videoconferencing systems.
Best Online Phd Programs In Psychology

On the other hand, all material (texts and audiovisuals of classes and seminars) is uploaded and can be consulted at any time.

Of course, degree students are likely to have personalized tutorials and personal technical support.

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