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MBBS Colleges

Are You Crazy For MBBS In USA?

MBBS in USA or MBA in the USA is the graduate-level degree in business administration that is mainly offered by many universities. Although an MBA in the USA has some of the same courses like MBA in India, MBA in the USA has some major differences. Besides the content and syllabus, MBA in the USA is a year-long program as compared to an average MBA degree which can be completed in a year in India. There are many students who opt for this MBA course to enhance their career graph or to seek better jobs.

As far as the curriculum of MBA in the USA is concerned, there are many subjects that are covered under it. Normally an individual is chosen from the pool of students applying for an MBA program based on his / her aptitude, academic records, GMAT score and so on. A full-time correspondence MBA is also conducted in the USA for those who are willing to pursue a full-time degree or for those who want to earn a degree while they are still employed or waiting to get a job in the USA. Online MBA is also available for those who prefer to study online.

Those who complete an MBBS degree or get an Associates degree with a recognized designation such as Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts or Sciences can work towards pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) or a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). It is necessary to get a DBA before one can apply for an MBA, else one would not be eligible for an MBA program.

Similarly, a master’s degree is mandatory to get a PhD in MBA; MBA degrees do not come at the cost of a PhD. Many institutes offer MBBS in the USA as an attractive study option for those who have decided to get a degree while they are working or earning an income.

In recent years, there has been significant growth in the number of MBBS schools in the USA. In some of the states like Arizona, Mississippi, Texas and Ohio there are more than twenty BBA schools and nearly half of the students opting for an MBA program in the states are from the southern part of the US. The growth in numbers of MBBS colleges and their popularity could be attributed to the fact that the MBA is an excellent qualification that can be utilised for professional careers both in the private sector and government sectors of the US.

There are many prominent personalities from the USA who have achieved a doctorate degree in business administration including former US President Bill Clinton and former Harvard professor Robert Kiyosaki who is now an executive consultant at Kiyosaki Associates. Some other well-known Americans who completed MBBS in the USA include former US Senator John Edwards, rapper Lil Wayne, actor Leonardo DiCaprio and author J.K Rowling.

Getting an MBBS degree in the USA is certainly a worthwhile endeavour and gives one a good chance of fulfilling his/her dreams and ambitions. However, one should bear in mind that it isn’t possible for every student to get a place in a top-quality MBBS college within the USA. The entrance exam for MBBS courses in the USA is different from the one for bachelor degrees and master’s degrees. One has to keep an eye on the admission requirements carefully as they are different for the two different courses.

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