‘Ant-Man 3’ Star Hoping for ‘Really Exciting’ Young Avengers Membership

Photo by Fraser Harrison / Getty Images

Marvel Studios San Diego Comic-Con Panel Ant-Man & Wasp: Quantumania Mark the official beginning of Phase 5. This instantly sets Scott Lang’s third solo tour as a must-see event.

That doesn’t mean his previous adventure was completely skippable, Antman And that sequel didn’t bring exactly the same kind of box office revenue as the other marquee names in the franchise. Jonathan Majors not only made his debut as Kang the Conqualer made fun of the great evil of Multiverse Saga as he remained as Loki during a cameo appearance, but Kathryn Newton as Scott’s daughter Kathy Emma. It will replace Fuhrmann.

Marvel must have hired a more famous actress with a spectacular design in mind, Newton ScreenRant Like our others, she hopes that future statues will one day secure membership in Young Avengers.

“It would be really great if they did Young Avengers. I’m a fan of Young Avengers. I’m a fan of Kate Bishop. I know. [she] And Kathy should be friends with the comics. I think it’s really exciting. I know Kathy’s love story. She sees the reaction of the fans and she is excited to know what the fans want to see. “

There is Too many members of the Young Avengers lineup featured in Phase 4 It’s no coincidence, but whether it happens sooner or later, it’s certainly only a matter of time before the freshest iterations of the Earth’s strongest heroes gather in the MCU.

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