Fans Name Movies With the Same Title That Couldn’t Be More Different

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Everyone knows the concept of twin film, When two movies with very similar concepts happen to arrive close togetherbut no doubt many viewers made an even simpler mistake by confusing two features with exactly the same name.

No one has a monopoly on what a movie can or can’t be called, even if trademarks and copyrights are there to prevent such things from happening regularly, but it’s done by the good people on Reddit. The fascinating in-depth research that has been done has revealed countless instances of the same.-The title projects couldn’t be more different from each other in every conceivable way. Given his reputation as the worst of the , he deserves to be part of a conversation starter.

Sean Connery and Uma Thurman debacle the avengers It doesn’t take much to bring up when compared to the epic Phase 1 conclusion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it’s definitely something to expect from those looking for a controversial Best Picture winner. crash Instead, we didn’t stumble upon David Cronenberg’s 1996 psychosexual drama.

Chris Hemsworth gave arguably the best performance of his career in Ron Howard’s racing drama hurry upthis is definitely not the 1991 crime thriller starring Jason Patric as a heroin-addicted undercover cop. We are not accidentally exposing children to advanced concept fears. frozen or disturbing erotic drama sleeping beautybut it can hurt young people for the rest of their lives.

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