Horror Fans Reveal the Non-Horror Movies That Still Messed Them Up

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horror Experts are picking movies that aren’t classified as horror, but still manage to instill fear.

These insensitive horror-dwellers may be shivering in hiding because they’re talking about movies that the layman wouldn’t find scary. We started the conversation with a few. Paradise Lost When dear zacharyThis is the subtitle of the first work, Child Murder in Robin Hood Hillsgives you an idea of ​​​​the horror, of the second, letter to son about father,it’s not. Perhaps that’s why many viewers were caught off guard.

“I put this on thinking I’d half look at it while folding laundry,” wrote the OP. dear zachary“No no, I was sobbing until I couldn’t breathe.” “It had the biggest impact I’ve ever seen. Powerful damage.” Us, and virtually everyone else Zachary-stans—I don’t want to spoil the movie, but HeftyPegasus737 provided important information.

A few others added about “oh dear” dear zachary:

Particular-Courage77 chose even more amazing non-horror horrors. back to ozunofficial sequel to wizard of oz“I’m an ’80s kid,” the Redditor said in the introduction. back to oz’ Many others agreed:

Another non-fear that frightened people, especially those who dealt with addiction, was requiem for dream:

Hundreds of other quotes:

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