Kevin Feige Explains Why the Avengers Aren’t Assembling Until Phase Six


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Kevin Feige Explains Why the Avengers Aren’t Assembling Until Phase Six 2


Fans are more critical of Phase 4 than any other stage. Marvel Cinematic Universe So far, I have a lot of questions Lack of direction or recognition of a unified and comprehensive theme This suggested where the next stage of interconnected storytelling was heading. Kevin Feige teased that everything would be revealed soon, and strangely, he wasn’t lying.

MARVEL PHASE 6 Announcement: New Avengers Movies By Kevin Feige

Twenty-four hours after the leaked trademark application abandoned the game, we were confirmed to be in the midst of Multiverse Saga. Ant-Man & Wasp: Quantumania Set to start Phase 5. Two epics culminate in the avenger’s Movie to be released in 2025With Maze Kang dynasty Continues after 6 months of Secret Wars.

People should have known better than doubting baseball cap enthusiasts who always have plans, but Fage further explained Phase zero Why aren’t there any gorgeous team-up events in Phase 4 and Phase 5 featuring the strongest heroes on the planet?

“Well, I think we’ll learn something in every project we do. But when we were laying out, and even three years ago, we laid out Phase 4 here. I didn’t lay out almost everything. As you know, I noticed that it was very different from Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3. Due to the large number of projects and the short number of years, the climax was reached. It didn’t seem right … as you know, it doesn’t culminate every 10 months. the avengers movie.

And each movie itself is now quite large and in many ways a crossover event.And after the creative experience we have experienced Infinity War When Endgame, It felt like it was about capping the story.Save continuously the avengers A movie for the completion of the story. And that’s what we wanted to lay out today. “

by the time the Kang dynasty When Secret Wars When rolled around, the complexion of the MCU may not be recognizable from its current state. So trying to predict what will happen now and in the future is an impossible (but undeniably fun) task.

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