Leaks reveal Three New Titles For Marvel Studios’ Phase 5

Via Marvel Studios / Disney Plus

Marvel Studios Has submitted the intellectual property trademarks of three new projects that may reveal the titles of movies and television series that will be released as part of Phase 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise studio. ..

A data search by the European Union Intellectual Property Office revealed that Marvel has applied for terms such as Multiverse Saga, Thunderbolt, and Captain America: The New World Order. No content or story points are shown, but all titles indicate the direction the franchise will adopt in the latest MCU phase.

Multiverse SagaSeems to indicate that Marvel consolidates the story about the concept of the Multiverse revealed in the first season of Loki Used as both plot points Spider-Man: No Way Home When Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The story may also set Kang, who was recently revealed to be a villain Leaked title Avengers: Kang DynastyAs as a villain in the next new phase.

ThunderboltWill definitely introduce the Thunderbolts team to the MCU. The comic book Thunderbolt is a group of villains who pretend to be superheroes in plans to commit crimes and prefer a heroic identity to their former criminal life. Baron Zemo and Clint Burton Hawkeye may appear in the series and movies.

“Captain America: New World order is the expected fourth instalment payment for the Captain America franchise and could be the first instalment payment featuring Anthony Mackie as a cap. “The New World Order is associated with Nazism and racism, which may indicate that domestic terrorist organizations that sympathize with Hydra and other Nazis may play a role. Sebastian Stan’s Winter Soldier. May also appear in new features as a compatriot of McKee’s Sam Wilson.

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