Love and Thunder’ Star Pokes Fun At The Film’s CGI

Love and Thunder’ Star Pokes

There was a lot of criticism about the latest entry into the MCU Thor: Love and Thunder And while it’s currently dominated by box office revenue, fans are looking down on movies on social media for their CGI.

Marvel fans pointed out Movie moments when they don’t seem to meet Flick’s huge budget but it’s not just the fans participating in the action — even the cast members are chiming for fun.

Vanity Fair recently shared a clip on its YouTube channel featuring movie director Taika Waititi and star Tessa Thompson.

In this breakdown, Thompson, who plays Valkyrie in the movie, points out some problems with CGI’s joke that Korg doesn’t look real.

Going back and forth with Waititi, who spoke the Korg with the director’s mission, Thompson joked that the colour of the Korg would change from blue to grey at different times. The pair seems to be joking about the impact of the movie after the online backlash it received at CGI.

Love and Thunder’ Star Pokes Fun At The Film’s CGI
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This wasn’t the only moment from the scene Thompson pointed out. After a few seconds, Valkyrie looks surprised by something in the video, but nothing amazing happens on the screen. Thompson explained that this was because the scene where Thor screamed and woke up at that moment was cut. Fortunately, Thompson has no problem sharing this moment, just adding some fun additions to the movie.

This video provides many other insights into the process of putting together a movie and this particular scene. If you are interested in learning more, then don’t forget to check Clip here.

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