Marvel Cinematic Universe Fans Try to Clear Up The Incursion Confusion

Marvel Cinematic Universe Doctor Strange

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessCertain aspects of the movie are enough to reassess the franchise’s previous instalments, Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Reddit user u / Boone Banterra is r / MarvelStudios subreddit, Noway Home It involved multiple universes that almost collided. Such a phenomenon was called “intrusion” in a movie released a few months later, Crazy multiverse. So why did Dr Stephen Strange of Benedict Cumberbatch seem to know nothing about the nature of the invasion? Crazy multiverse??

“So Strange has already caused an intrusion Spider-Man: No Way Home?? Wasn’t the invasion a synopsis of the movie?Why doesn’t he already know this minutes?? “

One Marvel fan argued with the original poster and Noway Home It wasn’t necessarily an intrusion, but “just a different portal was opened.”

“But if it’s an intrusion, why does Strange know its name?” Reddit users continued.

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Another Twitter user Noway Home Michael Keaton’s Adrian Tooms, also known as Vulture, invaded because he was stuck in space Morbius It will be done (also known as Sony’s Spider-Man Universe).

The Entire MCU Timeline Explained

Important unpacking Morbius How pointless it is because another Marvel fan universe suggests that the vulture was originally from the SSU and was transported to the MCU more than 10 years ago due to the growth of a teenager. Indicates whether it is.

“You’ve been thinking more than ever before,” wrote another Reddit user.

One reason for all the apparently unusual loose ends in this particular era of Marvel movies is Crazy multiverse Originally it was supposed to come out before Noway Homethat’s why We covered this Previously reported.

Therefore, there is no doubt that each film was probably rewritten and even re-shot in order to make the continuity of each film more consistent. Who knows, maybe in the original draft of Noway Home I used the full range of the Multiverse vocabulary I learned later in Doctor Strange The sequel.

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