‘Resident Evil’ Fans Wonder Why Every Live-Action Adaptation Is Lacking

Via Netflix

The discussion began with a user who had been in charge of all seven films since 2002, blaming Constantin Film for the bad luck of the live-action franchise. resident evil Until the 2021s Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, And the recent Netflix series. Perhaps kicking something like Constantin out of the door will give us a live-action shot. resident evil Do we all deserve it?

One user repeated this feeling and focused on the suspicious inside and outside of Constantin Film.

But others weren’t so convinced, believing that there were drawbacks instead. resident evilMyth is not very suitable for anything other than video games.

Another responder set out to defend the new series, pointing out how it didn’t adapt the existing story of the video game but instead diverged into unexplored parts of the world.

Inadequate movie adaptations of video games have become like memes, resident evil It is unprecedented in that area as well. At least the 1993s Super Mario bros. There was good sense to call it to quit immediately from the gate.

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