Sam Taylor-Johnson To Direct Amy Winehouse Biopic

Sam Taylor-Johnson Amy Winehouse Biopic

Fifty Shades of Gray directed by Sam Taylor Johnson It is set directly Back to black future biography of the acclaimed vocalist and songwriter Amy Winehouse, who died tragically at the age of 27 in 2011. Taylor-Johnson was a personal friend of the wine house.

Little is known about the project’s script and casting prospects at this time, but the film, produced by European studio StudioCanal, is a complete blessing to Mitch Winehouse, the father of the Winehouse. Senior Winehouse has voiced his disapproval of his portrayal AmyThe award-winning 2017 documentary about his daughter believes he was unfairly made to be the “villain” of the film.

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StudioCanal is produced by Alison Owen, Debra Hayward and Tracy Seaward. The script has already been written by Movie star don’t die in Liverpool Screenwriter Matt Greenhalgh. Greenhalgh collaborated with Taylor-Johnson in her directorial debut film No wear boy, Based on John Lennon’s teens. He is also known for Control, Joy Division’s singer-songwriter, Ian Curtis’s acclaimed biography. Like a wine house, he died tragically young.

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The biography of the wine house almost bears fruit in 2018, Kinky boots For writer Jeff Dean, the project has been shelved. according to variety Mitch Winehouse responded to 2018 rumours that her daughter could be played by Lady Gaga and said she wanted someone close to her roots to play that role.

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“I can bet that it will be an unknown, young, English-London, Cockney actress, a bit like Amy,” he said. “What we want is for someone to portray Amy like her … as funny, brilliant, charming and scary as she was. I’m her Being a dad, it doesn’t make sense to make a movie, but it’s very important to get the right people to do it, and we do. ”

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