Sci-Fi Supporters Rue the ‘John Carter’ Sequels That Got Away

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Despite being listed in history books as one of the heaviest box office revenues in history John Carter Having cultivated a significant fan base over the last decade, it’s not too hard to call Andrew Stanton’s blockbuster sci-fi epic a real cult favourite.

Obviously, I wish the audience had appeared at that time, However, confusing marketing campaigns rarely portrayed Edgar Rice Burroughs’ adaptation as a must-see movie...All the footage was drawn, not just the bland title John Carter An ironic terrible twist when the source material inspired everything from, as a derivative intergalactic adventure that people have seen many times before. Star Wars To Avatar.

Stanton recently took the stage for a retrospective exhibition at the San Diego Comic-Con. There he provided some details about his abandoned plan. Mars princess When Martian warlords trilogy that would have culminated in the invasion of Mars’ Earth that only Taylor Kitsch’s title hero could stop.

Of course, John Carter Immediately afterwards, a society of gratitude was fully empowered and lamented the loss of what could have become a spectacular trio of stars in the universe.

John Carter
Sci-Fi Supporters Rue the ‘John Carter’ Sequels That Got Away 3

Disney no longer even has rights to property, Allowed them to return to Burroughs estate to completely wash their hands in the Martian story.. After losing up to $ 200 million in the studio, it’s easy to see why, but it’s just our fault that we missed it. Princess When Warlord Not enough people bought the ticket to see the opening chapter on the big screen.

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