A Controversial Original Becomes One of Netflix’s Top 10 Movies Ever

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Few genres are as bulletproof as Netflix’s original romances. Subscribers are ready and willing to dive into the latest tale of star-crossed lovers, no matter what anyone else thinks. As if more evidence was needed to support the claim, purple hearts It fended off bad reviews and a lot of controversy to become one of the top 10 most watched features of all time for streamers.

The story, which has brought me to tears since its premiere on July 29, revolves around a would-be musician agreeing to marry a soldier of convenience (and a military wife). various benefits from being a company), exceeded 220 million. The viewing hours are enough to leapfrog some mega-budget blockbusters and rank among the best of all time.

Luke (played by Nicholas Galitzine) in military uniform kissing Cathy (played by Sophia Carson)
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actually, purple hearts occupies 7th place on the historical watch list, with Sandra Bullock rounding out the remaining top 10. Unacceptableby Martin Scorsese Irishmanromantic comedy sequel kiss booth 2It’s not unrealistic to imagine the movie overtaking if you keep playing like gangbusters for at least another week or two extract When Adam Project be in the top 5.

all things Despite a low Rotten Tomatoes score of 30%not to mention the widespread backlash directed at purple hearts from various angles, Most notably, dialogue that many have interpreted as racist and misogynistic.Clearly, it wasn’t an issue at all when it came to convincing customers to play.

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