A New Generation of ‘Star Wars’ Fans Realizes It Is Jar Jar’s Fault

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Via StarWars.com

Jar Jar Binks get a lot of criticism. He’s widely regarded as the worst character in the prequel trilogy, has been accused of being a racist caricature, and his slapstick antics aren’t funny except for the youngest viewers. But is Jar Jar Binks really that bad?

The answer is a decisive yes. He’s a nightmare turned upside down.recently rewatched Phantom Menace For the first time in years, Jar Jar was even more abhorrent than we remembered. Sorry Ahmed Best, you seem like a nice person but some things are unforgivable.

But Jar Jar’s influence on the Skywalker saga wasn’t just instrumental in defeating the Trade Federation on Naboo. Posted by r/StarWars Jar Jar’s proposal to give Chancellor Palpatine emergency powers to fight the Separatists is belatedly realized to be one of the most pivotal moments in galactic history. did not do it. This means that every crime the empire has ever committed can fall on Jar Jar’s shoulders. I’m sure he’ll say “Misa Souwi!”

Interestingly, thanks to this book, we actually know what happened canonically to Jar Jar. Aftermath: End of EmpireThe Gungans banished him again for aiding the Empire, and he was shunned by the people of Naboo because he brought so much misery to the galaxy. However, he faced endless abuse from Theed’s citizens for his crimes. As he himself says: I do not know.

Just reading that little bit of dialogue makes us hate him even more. But hey, with Disney and Lucasfilm strip-mining the prequel trilogy for inspiration, can we see Jar Jar’s live-action return on Disney Plus? .jersey Star Wars Character trash can.

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