After ‘Batgirl,’ HBO Max Continues To Purge In-House Content

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News of newly merged warner bros discovery I was going to shelve $90 million completely bat girl Instead of releasing the film, it raised quite a few eyebrows, but it looks like there are other films facing a similar fate.

In fact, according to people here, varietythe newly merged company is quietly culling other movies being streamed on the service, apparently to cut costs. I was.

Those movies include moon shoot Starring Cole Sprouse and Lana Condor.Melissa McCarthy’s film about artificial intelligence called super intelligencean immigrant-based comedy starring Seth Rogen called american picklesremake of ; witches Starring Anne Hathaway and Octavia Spencer.Photo of a robbery called lockdown It also stars Anne Hathaway (it’s been a rough week for her, but it’s good that she’s a millionaire now) and the drama directed by Angel Manuel Soto. charm city kings.

Warner Bros. Discovery didn’t announce that the film was going away. They were noticed by a sharp-eyed Reddit user. discussion post about bat girlAnother casualty of the merger was the movie reboot home party Starring LeBron James. It was supposed to premiere on July 28th, but is currently not on the release calendar.

With no official announcement from the company, some speculation has been made about the film. bat girl When home party, brings more money to the company as a tax deduction instead of a release. Warner Bros. Discovery will report second quarter earnings tomorrow (August 4). Warner Bros. inherited about $43 billion in debt when it merged with Discovery, so it makes sense that it’s trying to work through that.

Prior to the merger, WarnerMedia promoted upcoming releases, including the aforementioned moon shot When home party.

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