An Underwhelming Franchise Spin-Off Is Possessing the Streaming Charts

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Image via Warner Bros.

magic trick Universe is arguably one of the most profitable horror franchises of the modern era, and its overall success eventually spawned a spinoff. Nun. Nun 2 reach the release date For next year’s spooky season — horror fanatics are gearing up for the next sequel by allowing the demonic nun Valak to wreak havoc on TV sets.

Directed by Colin Hardy, Nun It seeks to introduce the origin story of Valak (Bonnie Aarons), a demonic entity who owns a nun in 1950s Romania. In the devastating battlefields of Valak, magic trick Lovers are introduced to the main character, Sister Eileen (Taissa Farmiga). Irene encounters the demonic Valak and vows to reveal her demonic evil intentions.

The Nun Screenshot
Image via Warner Bros.

Despite high hopes for the announced spinoff, stone-faced critics didn’t hesitate to bashing the film. Its Rotten Tomatoes score certainly didn’t do any favors either. The film only boasts a score of 25%. Despite this, the film grossed an impressive $365 million worldwide, officially marking it as the highest-grossing film in the franchise. it was done.

Amid harsh critics and lackluster writing, supernatural horrors have captured the hearts of sharp-eyed Amazon Prime members ever since.street flick patrol, Nun climbed an impressive 10 places this week, continuing its upward trend on streaming charts around the world.

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