Dwayne Johnson Has a ‘Strategic Plan’ for the ‘Black Adam’ Universe

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dwayne johnson teeth black adamis a DC antihero with an “old-fashioned” taste for justice and an insatiable thirst for righting perceived wrongs.

He quickly earned a spot on the Justice League radar, and the next movie set that tells his story is unlike anything fans have seen before. Black Adam could also extend the DC Universe as we know it.

in a chat with game radarJohnson and producer Hiram Garcia discuss the complex nature of antiheroes and how the first film opens up new realms of possibilities.

Johnson says the idea is to really flesh out the universe, and to do it on purpose.

“The goal is to really expand the universe, introduce new characters and spin-offs, and be really strategic about the plot. Let’s start thinking about and think about what the movie would look like to them.”

Garcia went on to add that even though the specific heroes won’t be joining forces anytime soon, planning is always a shared area. It doesn’t mean there is. This just shows the depth and breadth of the universe and how many opportunities there are.

“I think our ambition has always been that this is an all-shared universe. It may not be the intersection of Black Adam and Shazam, but it all exists under the big umbrella of the DC Universe. We want to be able to build as big a universe as possible, and if everything is received the way we want it to be, we might see crossovers at certain points.”

Johnson and Garcia have put a lot of effort into this project and are confident that audiences around the world will love the film, further opening the door to an exciting future. Serra recently vanity fair Movies are all about peeling back layers, so it takes multiple films to flesh out a character.

black adam It hits theaters October 21 — just in time for the spooky season, and let’s face it. it’s going to be creepy.

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