Even Members of Congress Are Disappointed with the Demise of ‘Batgirl’

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Photo via Warner Bros.

Everyone seems to be pissed off about Warner Bros. Discovery these days, and that includes the US government.

After Discovery took charge of WB, new executives quickly began cutting the budget, which ended up at around $825 million. With the original movies and series discontinued, WBD continues to headline the news after his HBO Max announced: Complete 36 titles from streaming services. As much feather as it ruffled, it still doesn’t compare to the backlash the corporate media giant has faced since Nixing. bat girl.

WBD chose to cancel, drawing the ire of both fans and Hollywood’s elite bat girl, essentially wasting a $90 million investment. Early test screenings were reportedly negative, but the world flocked behind Leslie Grace ready to star as the first Latina superhero to lead the franchise.

Across social media and YouTube, millions of fans voice their opinions around the world. Now you can add the MP to his list of WBD denouncers.in a comment to hollywood reporterTexas Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro chose the following words for Warner Bros. Discovery:

“There were no signs bat girl They buy it around and this incredibly talented Latina actress and great story gets thrown down the drain for tax credits.

Due to potential legal issues, THR Experts have questioned whether the studio’s recent move violates antitrust laws.It remains to be seen what the future holds for WBD and all of its holdings.

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