Fans Crown ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ A24’s Best Ever

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Via A24

there is the voice of the fans, All at once, anywhere At least, it’s crowned the best A24 ever. According to Rotten Tomatoes.

The film stars Michelle Yeoh as Evelyn Wang, who runs a laundromat with her husband Waymond. The business struggles to make ends meet when the IRS calls for an audit, and things go from bad to worse when Waymond files for divorce. Then something extraordinary happens when she meets Alpha Waymond, a version of her husband from another dimension. From there, things get weird when Evelyn gets a multiverse crash course in a plot that would make her Marvel Studios proud.

Weirdness is what A24 does best, and the studio has become synonymous with the weird, quirky, and often erratic movies of the past decade. Along the way, A24 has garnered an ever-expanding fan base and much critical acclaim. Recently, Rotten Tomatoes asked fans to vote for the studio’s 64 most popular movies, and it turned out to be some tough choices.

Divided into tournament-style brackets, RT users chose their favorites from among the matches, and eventually everywhere everything Received the highest award.In the first round, the film will be released in 2019 waveAfter moving on from that victory, everywhere everything dispatched the last black man in san francisco followed by Florida Project.

In the quarter-finals everywhere everything critically acclaimed lady birdIt was arguably the hit Viking-inspired cult horror film that led to some of the toughest competition for cinema. MidsummerThen another popular horror film, Hereditary,have been waiting.

Eventually, everywhere everything I brought back virtual gold and defeated it Hereditary We ended up going from 59% to 41%.

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