Giancarlo Esposito Confirms MCU Talks, Fans Argue Xavier or Magneto

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Photo by Getty Images for Jamie McCarthy/Tribeca Festival

Ever since Disney bought Fox and dropped the rights to the X-Men into Kevin Feige’s lap we have heard rumors breaking bad, Better Call SaulWhen mandalorian favorite Giancarlo Esposito As Charles Xavier or Erik Lensherr.

The rebooted mutants are far from fully back on screen, but The ball started rolling Ms. Marvel finaleNow that X-gene is established as a canonical part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s only a matter of time before some major players start making their presence felt.

Esposito’s Scuttlebat has never come to an agreement on whether he is Professor X or Magneto. Revealed at a recent competition Not only did he discuss a role in the franchise with Marvel Studios, but he chose the X-Men frontman as his preferred candidate.

“So I’m not working at Marvel yet. I was in the same room as them and I spoke with them. To answer your question, what they do happens to be George Lucas’ I think it goes along with the mythological journey that Joe Campbell, who was a friend of mine, told, and Lucas put it in his story, and they do the same thing, so there was the story of Magneto, Dr. Freeze’s There was talk, there was talk, who are they talking about over there Oh, Doom! I will go to send out to the universe that I am.”

Naturally, that was all it took for the fandom to start debating whether he was superior as the good or evil patriarch of the X-Men mythos.

It’s an interesting wrinkle that Esposito confirmed he spoke to Marvel’s top brass, though “Dr. Freeze” shows he doesn’t exactly know his own comics. will appear. If so, we’ll have to wait and see which side of the divide he falls on.

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