Horror Fans Share the Movies That Terrified Them Into Falling for the Genre

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The plight of the horror genre has been fascinating, from its long-ago skewered as torture porn to its status as one of the most scathing instruments of social commentary today. Horror is truly back in hell.

But wherever the genre has been in its history, even if the first film happens to find them prematurely, it just keeps bringing in a whole new set of aficionados just waiting for the next opportunity to scare the pants off again. I never failed.

Indeed, horror enthusiasts young and old took to r/horror to declare which movie brought them to the land of Myers, Leatherface, and co. It never really fits into a genre like PG-9, so many people got their first horror screening before the first day of middle school.

One responder spoke out against grain, naming the horror movie that scared them over there From the genre rather than pulling them into the genre.

One user in particular took the opportunity to influence the entire population of posts, wrapping off an impressive gallery of horror’s best completed before the age of ten.

And the original poster included in the listing Poltergeist, Predator, Monster Squad, Lost Boys, Friday the 13th, When Tales from the Cryptlater told the story of when the latter of their viewing caused them some trouble during a visit with their unforgiving uncle.

It seems there’s never been a bad time to be terrified, and 2022 gracefully continues that tradition. black phone, Noand future halloween endsa record number of horror cherries could be popped before the end of the year.

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