‘I Love My Dad’ Star Patton Oswalt Touts Film as Cure to Netflix Fatigue

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I love my father SXSW 2022

Patton Oswalt He’s pitching his latest dark comedy. i love daddyas the cure needed for Netflix fatigue, or at least, that’s what we glean from the comedian and actor’s latest posts on Twitter.

Oswalt shared an image i love daddy Alongside one of Netflix’s true crime documentaries, i just killed my dadwith a humorous caption, “We’re called Counter Programming People!”

Perhaps this isn’t a true reflection of Oswalt’s distaste for Netflix’s true crime series, but rather an ironic observation that the two titles seem to cancel each other out on the same storytelling spectrum. In fact, comparing the two is like apples and oranges, with the R designation i love daddy Despite the title, it’s far from a healthy choice when it comes to content.

plot of i love daddyis currently available for rent on a number of digital platforms, including Prime Video, and centers on Oswalt’s father. Oswalt catches Catfish pretending to be an attractive woman on her social media to keep in touch with her estranged son. on the other hand, i just killed my dad It’s not unrelated to such a setting, as it’s a true criminal investigation into a case in which a teenager shoots and kills his own father.

Screenshots of each title shared by Oswalt, i love daddy receive a better rating than i just killed my dadare from their respective reviews RogerEbert.com.

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