James Gunn Weighs In With His Thoughts on Intimacy Coordinators

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Intimate coordinators have been making headlines in the last few days. Their work, made popular after #MeToo exposed looting on set, is aimed at improving the well-being of actors who participate in scenes involving sexual intercourse and nudity. is to supervise However, not everyone seems happy with the new faces on set. game of thronesSean Bean.

“I think the natural behavior of lovers is ruined by someone bringing it into a technical exercise.

many people vehemently opposedWhen west side story Star Rachel Zegler said she was “very grateful” to her close coordinator for helping a relative newcomer like her feel at ease on set. She-Hulk When good placeJameela Jamil of Bean, who claims she essentially plays the same role as a stunt coordinator, said Bean’s snow piece Co-star Lena Hall said they were “a welcome addition to the set.”

now Guardians of the Galaxy, Suicide Squad, When peacemaker Director James Gunn is the latest to offer his two cents.

Gunn is absolutely right. In his view, most intimate scenes should convey emotional openness and connection between characters, and if the actors involved can feel that their autonomy and limitations are respected, they will perform well. more likely to do

It’s worth remembering that large-scale cinematography always creates a large power imbalance. Directors and producers have a lot of influence over the proceedings, millions of dollars are at stake, and young actors looking to advance their careers are in a vulnerable position.

The intimate coordinator role may evolve over time, but like Gunn, we’re glad they’re here.

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