MCU Fans Share Their Favorite Post-Credits Scenes

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Image via Marvel Studios

of Marvel Cinematic Universe Marvel Studios has been coming together for over a decade, and every new movie has shown us what happens next with a clever post-credits scene.

Thirty films released since 2008 have shown dozens of different post-credits scenes, and fans on Reddit have started sharing their favorites.

Marvel Studios typically uses this moment after the film to open up what comes next, but the post-credits scene is sometimes used as a throwback comedic moment to the earlier part of the film. I have. On rare occasions, Marvel Studios even uses these moments to release trailers for upcoming films.

Given this diversity, MCU fans have shared some surprising suggestions for their favorite post-credits scenes, but of course, woven with moments of epic cosmic expansion.

Surprisingly, some fans named Marvel’s new TV show as their favorite post-credits scene show. Did.

As you might imagine, it wouldn’t be a Marvel Thread without mentioning Sony’s latest attempt at building a universe of Marvel characters. Morbius.

With the MCU expanding so quickly, there’s no shortage of post-credits action as we move into the multiverse. It could knock out some of the aforementioned fan favorites.

If you want to relive those post-credits moments, most of them can be relived today on YouTube.

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