MCU Fans Wonder Which Villain Has the Best Redemption Arc

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After the sacrifice of Wanda Maximoff Doctor Strange in the Mad Multiverse, marvel Fans debate the true meaning of the middle ground between heroism, villainy, and anti-heroism.

What could a supervillain who supposedly killed, maimed, and tortured hundreds of innocent people do to redeem himself? Anything can happen. We’ve seen it happen to Nebula, whose hatred of his sister Gamora has led to his motivation to save the world. , eventually realizing the error of his ways and sacrificing himself for the greater good.

Reddit asked which MCU villain has the best redemption arc, as we’ve wondered before. But they’ve all proven credible and honorable. When things got tough, they stuck around.

Loki clearly has the most votes.Loki is not alone already Although a fan favorite, his redemption arc is touching and somewhat poetic. Thor (2011), he harbors a deep hatred of Thor and believes Odin favors ruling Asgard over the Frost Giant Hybrids.To the avengers (2012), Loki enacted a master plan to use an alien fleet known as the Chitauri to invade and enslave Midgard, but was foiled by the cooperation of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Thor sequel, Thor: Dark Worldthat Loki initiates a metamorphosis of sorts.

When Malekith, the leader of the Dark Elves, attempts to use the Ether (Reality Stone) to plunge the Earth into eternal darkness, Loki helps Thor to rid the Elves forever and save Jane Foster.But his redemption arc really kickstarted Thor: Ragnarok, when Loki helps Thor to thwart Hela’s attempt to conquer Asgard. All these heroic deeds Avengers: Infinity WarLoki dies at the hands of Thanos after attempting to double-cross him.

As expected, Karen Gillan’s nebula is making love right below Loki. Originally starting out as a shameless supervillain, Nebula grows from Guardian of the Galaxy to Avenger. As Thanos’ adopted daughter, Nebula was always second in line to Gamora, with whom she had a bitter rivalry.She was raised as a ruthless assassin with no qualms, but her upbringing was abusive. It was maddening.debuted in Guardian of the GalaxyNebula was introduced as a second-hand villain after Accuser Ronan.

rear Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Nebula was elevated to a more central role.with each subsequent appearance Avengers: Infinity War When Avengers: Endgame, Nebula was given more screen time and began to change her perspective on friendship and friendship, developing a sense of belonging. She earns the respect of her teammates and works to reverse her wrongdoings by outnumbering the lives taken with her lives saved.

Following Nebula, Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier got some votes. Arguably, Bucky was never actually a villain, especially since HYDRA manipulated him into giving birth to the Winter Soldier. He cared for the little man and acted as a role model for the uninspired.

was only Captain America: Civil WarBucky Barnes was branded a villain after CCTV footage revealed the Winter Soldier viciously murdered Howard and Maria Stark. Since then, after being freed from HYDRA’s influence, Bucky vowed to fight alongside the Avengers, transforming the tragic chapter of his life into a positive change. rice field.

Although she had some redemption arc Doctor Strange in the Mad Multiversemany Marvel fans disagree, claiming that Wanda Maximoff never made a decision that benefited anyone other than herself. Avengers: Age of Ultronshe became blinded by vengeance and began destroying everything, Anyone on her war road.from Wanda Vision Wanda then proved she was ready to ruin the lives of thousands in exchange for a happy and fulfilling life with her husband and children.

of motherWanda was willing to ruthlessly murder America Chavez in order to gain the ability to travel between dimensions and reunite with Billy and Tommy Maximoff. But Wanda is ultimately selfish and destructive, and that’s unlikely to change, especially after she’s become a full-fledged villain. mother.

Loki receives the cake, which surprises no one. Tom Hiddleston plays a compelling role, but it’s the impeccable script that charts Loki’s atonement arc to shift Loki’s grief and anger into selfless determination.

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