Neil deGrasse Tyson Suggests Batman Should Get With the Times

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Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images (National Geographic)

astrophysicist neil degrass tyson Sharing his observations about the Bat-Signal, he has a tip for Batman.

This famous device was created by the Gotham City Police Department. He mounted a searchlight with the iconic Batman logo jutting into the foggy night sky to call for help while maintaining superhero anonymity in times of crisis.

However, upon closer scrutiny by deGrasse Tyson, the device turned out to be an unreliable means of contacting the Dark Knight, as it requires certain weather conditions to function. The Harvard graduate has taken to his Twitter to offer the city of Gotham other communication his solutions, in the form of emoji text or beeps.

The alternative suggested by deGrasse Tyson solves the weather problem, but it also leaves Batman vulnerable. It fails to address the main issue of hiding the superhero’s anonymity and can pose a serious security problem. For example, if a skilled hacker bypasses encryption protocols and gains access to Bruce’s Wayne’s smartphone and buzzer, sensitive information such as his location and identity can be obtained by one of his many adversaries. There is a possibility.

Fans shared some interesting reasons why they think the Bat-Signal works. PokeKellz shared the theory that clouds are a regular feature of Gotham City’s skyline.

Andrew_R_Nease tweeted their agreement, describing Gotham City as “chronically overcast” like London or San Francisco. He also noted that deGrasse Tyson’s proposed communication technology posed a security risk to Batman.

A user called TheRedNerdness thought deGrasse Tyson’s keen eye might ruin the experience of watching a movie that requires viewers to suspend their belief in reality in order to follow the plot.

At the end of the day, deGrasse Tyson made an important point. Because when a big crime hits Gotham City on a clear night, the police have no way of contacting Batman for help. His tweet presents an interesting challenge for his designers to reimagine a more practical Bat-Signal.

The reaction to his tweet is fascinating.The majority of Batman fans have come to the conclusion that Gotham will always have dark weather conditions, so the Bat-Signal must work. Considering all the cool gadgets created for every Batman movie, there’s no question that fans are here for an upgrade.

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