Reddit Ponders Which Batman Would Terrify Gotham’s Criminals the Most

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are we having this discussion? The clear choice is Adam West, right?

maybe not. For decades the canonical bearer of mainstream ideas for the Caped Crusader, 1966’s Batman was less of a Dark Knight and more of an ambitious silliness. Since reintroducing the detective to the world, filmmakers have tended to lean towards the tough, gritty Batman. Christian Bale, Ben Affleck, Robert Pattinson and others have portrayed Dark Knights who may be allergic to murder, but aren’t afraid to treat brain injuries and compound fractures.

out of all Batman Which is the most intimidating in real life? That’s what Reddit user Bjkrillsz wanted to know, and the community had a clear winner. butt spot.

Users admitted that Bale and Pattinson’s Dark Knights would cause problems for real-life criminals, but Reddit didn’t want any part of Batfleck. Justice League Vigilante will get you in tow. “I may never eat again with Batfleck.”

For 007 krypton, Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice We made the best case for Batfleck.

“Yeah, he’s the embodiment of terror. Battinson is terrifying, too, but in a way that he tanks whatever you throw at him (even bullets and explosions like the ones Penguin witnessed).” I’m glad dead LOL.

“It speaks to how, 20 years later, most people still see him as a demonic mythical figure. So cool.”

“The guy also called Superman straight up for a one-on-one fight,” wrote kingkongcrapper, who had the highest username in the thread. not.”

Some users believed Pattinson’s Batman was more compassionate than Affleck’s Batman and at least gave someone a chance to avoid the hospital. I think the cry for mercy falls on deaf ears in Batfleck. He would have banged your skull against a brick wall.

VRIndieDev Batman.

“I’m always happy to fight Robert Pattinson’s Batman. This was the first time I saw the

“Normally, Batman actors really get into the choreography. They shift their weight for punches and really feel the weight behind them. Batfleck was really good about it. But Robert Pattinson After a while, I couldn’t even take him seriously, plus with Batfleck and Bale, it really seemed to fit the bill. There were actors… Batfleck was jacked in AF, Christian Bale was incredible in Batman Begins, but Robert Pattinson looks like he does 30 crunches and push-ups every morning before work. (laughs)”

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