‘Samaritan’ Star Thrilled That Working With Hero Sly Stallone Didn’t Disappoint

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Image via Amazon Prime Video

Samaritana screen icon starring the long-awaited gritty superhero movie Sylvester Stallone is finally available on Amazon Prime Video. It doesn’t exactly knock it out of the park with critics, but given how relentless the film has been in the face of three release delays, there’s no question that the film was a labor of love.

And much of that love goes to Stallone, Javon Walton (Umbrella Academy, Euphoria), Pillow Asbaek (Uncharted, Game of Thrones), and Dasha Polanco (orange is the new black, Inn the Heights).

It can be said with equal parts confidence and humility that Stallone’s starring role as the most popular archetype in Hollywood at the moment, the superhero, gave the film most of its charm. Asbaek plays the gang leader and antagonist Cyrus.

in an interview with movie webAsbaek revealed how blown away he was by the opportunity to work with Stallone, noting his kindness and mentorship he brought to the rest of the cast.

“It was amazing. Don’t meet your heroes. They’ll just let you down.” It was like a master class for months. He taught me how to approach scenes and how to do stunts. I wish we had more scenes with him, but the weeks we shot together were amazing. And he is very kind, very generous and a great actor. So I am grateful and lucky to have worked with him. I think he’s great in Samaritan. I think he put all of his life and knowledge into this film. “

in him movie reviewsWGTC’s own Scott Campbell praised the presence Hollywood legend Stallone brings to the table, but lamented it Samaritan It wastes the potential to reinvent a crowded genre, failing to offer “something new or worthy of attention.” Nonetheless, this is certainly something Sly fans will want to check out.

Samaritan is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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