‘Shazam! 2’ director shares BTS video after latest delay

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Via Warner Bros/YouTube

Never trust Warner Bros. release dates. The studio has developed a reputation in recent years for repeatedly delaying and changing its release calendar, with Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav burning existing plans.

Last night Two bombs landed for DCEU fans: I have to wait another 9 months aquaman and the lost kingdomshifted from March 17, 2023 to December 25, 2023, whose March spot is Shazam!wrath of the godsis no longer released on December 21st.

Industry gossip suggests many reasons for the move, including Warner Bros. wanting to repeat the success of its March 2022 release. Batmanand that studios want to avoid direct competition Avatar: Path of Water. Director David F. Sandberg is positive ( Self-proclaimed “impatient bastard”), pointing to avoid Avatar A sequel means it can be released in IMAX.

A new release schedule means the next order of DCEU movies is now. Shazam!Wrath of the Gods, FlashWhen aquaman and the lost kingdom, but no one knows how long this will last. It’s very frustrating to work so hard on a deadline and then be so late, but at least this gives the VFX team enough time to polish the action to a mirror-like sheen. I can do it.

Whether it’s a wise idea to run away in fear Avatar: Path of Water It’s also a matter of debate, as there are many questions about whether the sequel, 13 years after the original, will attract audiences. Because his movies continue to break box office records every time the industry predicts disaster.

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