‘Star Wars’ Fans Salute The Bravest Character In the Skywalker Saga

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Image via Lucasfilm

There’s a fine line between stupidity and bravery, but it’s been over 40 years since it first premiered. Star Wars The movie, galaxy far, far away fandom can’t decide whether this particular character is stupidly daring or daringly stupid.

when new hope When it first appeared in 1977, our perception of the living Force was still narrow. I felt the power of telekinesis was insignificant, until I informed you that such presumptions were not far from the truth.

When discussing the power of the Death Star, the weapon of mass destruction that the Empire spent two decades building, Vader nonchalantly dismisses it as next insignificant to Force power. , an admiral named Motti, played by Richard Leparmentier, shrugged and said: Your sad devotion to that ancient religion didn’t help evoke the stolen data tapes.

now, Star Wars Fan thanked Motti for his testicular fortitude and openly defied the Emperor’s second-in-command.

Apparently, even Leparmentier boasted of being Force strangled by Vader at one point.

There is no other way to put it. The man was playing with fire. Had Tarkin not intervened, he would likely have joined the long list of Imperial officers Vader had choked to death over the years.

Rest in peace, Motty, the only villain who ever stood up to Vader.

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