The Dwayne Johnson Movie Fans Hate the Most Surges on Streaming

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Via Lionsgate

Dwayne Johnson unabashedly admits that he makes his films almost exclusively and explicitly for his fans.Actually, it’s been nearly 10 years since he appeared in a relatively straightforward drama, but his reaction to the drama in 2013 was empire state It just goes to show that it may be a while before he reappears in the genre.

The A-list superstar, who also happens to be the highest-paid and arguably the most popular actor in the industry, has starred in dozens of movies since making the move from the square circle to the silver screen. Among them, there was no worse result than one of them. empire stateholds the carrier-lowest user rating of just 24%.

empire state
Via Lionsgate

it is worse Doom, southland story, walking tall,Furthermore tooth fairy, the latter ranking at the bottom of the mountain from a critical point of view. Still, many people want to check out anything that has The Rock in it, so empire state embarking on a skyrocketing rise in streaming ranks.

street flick patrolLiam Hemsworth and Michael Angarano’s grim detective tale of trying to apprehend a deep-seated criminal, became the 12th top title on HBO Max’s global charts and landed in the top 10 in 20 countries. empire state Certainly uninspired, but does it deserve a lower rating from the general public? tooth fairyPretty sure the numbers don’t lie.?

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