‘The Rings of Power’ Director Explains Bridge With Peter Jackson’s Movies

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Lord of the rings: Ring of power Fans were disappointed to learn about Amazon Studios Essentially a ghost peter jackson After acquiring the rights to Tolkien’s fantasy world, director JA Bayona says the show was inspired to some degree by the critically acclaimed film trilogy.

If you asked any early-2010s Middle-earth aficionados this, in their wildest dreams, they didn’t even recognize Amazon as the studio that brought their beloved story to life again in live action. The company was also willing to pull out big guns and loosen its purse strings for the business. ring of power It has declined as the most expensive television production in the history of that medium.

But it failed to appease some of the most ardent Tolkien gatekeepers who think Amazon is doomed. Lord of the RingWell, as the producers have said many times, they are well aware of the high standards Jackson has set. doing. SFX magazine.

“We all love what Peter Jackson did,” he said. “And, first, I thought of building some sort of bridge between the show and the film. to start creating things that have a life of their own.”

The inspiration is all well and good, but don’t expect to see a white-robed Ian McKellen riding one of the Mearas in the middle of Lyndon. movie.

“The bar was set very high. I’m glad Amazon had the ambition to go there. I tried to do at least as much as Peter Jackson did, but the more I worked on the characters and the story, the more I felt. We’ve done more, unconsciously disconnected from the film.”

ring of power It premieres on September 2nd, so you’ll soon be able to judge for yourself the fruits of these efforts.

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