13 years ago today Disney bought Marvel and fans are debating whether it was for the best

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Image via Marvel Studios

Just 13 years ago, in 2009, the multi-billion dollar company Walt Disney acquired Marvel Entertainment, securing the rights to the superhero-rich realm owned by the comic book giant. During the trip down memory lane, Reddit users heatedly debated whether the acquisition of the landmark proved to be beneficial for all involved, or vice versa.

Unsurprisingly, most comments were in favor of acquisitions, with one name being mentioned the most.

One user genuinely believes that Marvel Studios wouldn’t have gotten very far without the Disney acquisition, and unsurprisingly, some hope to acquire Sony next. Spider-Man rights.

Another popular response claimed that Disney’s acquisition was “a good thing overall.” The reason is that former Marvel Entertainment CEO Ike Perlmutter ended his relationship with the studio sooner than expected due to its acquisition by Disney. Due to the bizarre choices he made regarding his character, he was not always positively received by fans.

Some users defended that they were still torn over multi-billion dollar deals and that Marvel Studios was “still in a precarious state” before the acquisition, adding that “without the acquisition, we would not be able to grow like this.” could not have done it.” At the same time, although less positively, users regret that this decision was bought by an “ethically questionable giant.”

Another user pointed out that Disney doesn’t always treat dark stories with the utmost care. We maintain PG for everyone who may attend the cinema on

Overall, most fans are positive that the purchase was definitely a good choice for Marvel and a great opportunity. There’s room for more, but only time will tell if Disney will eventually get the rights to all Marvel superheroes on the big screen.

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