A Controversial Oscar Winner Schemes to Find Streaming Sanctuary

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Via Warner Bros.

Earning a Certified Fresh Rotten Tomatoes score of 96%, grossing nearly $250 million at the box office on a budget of $45 million, and winning three Academy Awards, including Best Picture, the widely acclaimed thriller , doesn’t sound like a controversial lightning rod.But Ben Affleck Argo I have encountered the crosshairs many times.

Participants in the operation behind the semi-fictionalized retelling were unabashed in pointing out the many failures and glaring examples of historical inaccuracies throughout the film’s 120-minute runtime. But Affleck was effectively denounced. I threw myself into the lead role of Tony Mendes.

Via Warner Bros.

The former protagonist was of Mexican descent, and many detractors have come forward to denounce the actor. Mendez himself said he didn’t personally identify as Hispanic, so he didn’t mind being seen.Controversy aside, Argo Even if many expected Ang Lee’s, he managed to spin such an incredible thread that could only be true in a very funny way. pie life It ended up winning the industry’s highest award at the Oscars.

A decade later, the daring rescue operation, in which the CIA and State Department concocted a scheme involving fake sci-fi movies, Canadian diplomats, deceit and a paucity of political hands, is making its daring escape. I own a streaming chart.

Around flick patrolArgo has soared to the top of iTunes’ global rankings, overcoming the backlash of its initial release to find lasting life as a perennially popular act of cinematic escapism.

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