A Cult Favorite Horror Sequel Is in the Midst of a Long-Overdue Celebration

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nevertheless The franchise has been consistently inconsistent for 35 yearsself-respecting predator Fans certainly have a soft spot and undying love for Stephen Hopkins’ 1990 sequel set in the sun-baked streets of Los Angeles.

Moving the action into a concrete jungle rather than a literal one was a genius creative decision, but knowing it may come as a shock to many people. Predator 2 With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 32% and a meager $57 million at the box office, it has the worst reviews and lowest grossing of any standalone series overall (crossovers aside).

But proving that the cult favorite can live up to its reputation, one intrepid Redditor said: Predator 2 The best entry in a non-original sci-fi saga, but also one of the greatest horror sequels of all time.

Predator 2
A Cult Favorite Horror Sequel Is in the Midst of a Long-Overdue Celebration 3

As of this writing, over 200 users have felt the need to reply, the majority of which have only responded positively.it’s a farce Predator 2 It’s not held in high esteem when you get everything you could ever want from a delightfully cheesy, action-packed, and often terrifyingly violent mashup of science fiction, action, and horror.

Danny Glover produces an excellent one-size-fits-all action hero, and the supporting cast runs the gamut from Bill Paxton’s cheeky Jerry Lambert to Calvin Lockhart’s ominous King Willie to Gary Busey’s scenery-biting Peter Keyes. superior in terms ofcome together prey Recalling the climactic confrontation of the movie, Bougie’s Son Jake Appears as Sean Keyes predatorto give just two examples.

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