A Disney Legend Entertains MCU Chances as Fans Prepare to Lose an OG Icon

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Image via Marvel Studios

another day another marvel News summary. Before Disney Plus Day kicks off this Thursday, Thor: Love Add Thunder and new episode She-Hulk: Lawyer That puts one of the Mouse House’s most legendary stars in the MCU for the first time considering whether or not to join them. doing.

MCU’s Tom Hanks — Will Woody do it?

Tom Hanks is a literal Disney legend, having himself played Walt for Mickey, so it wouldn’t be too crazy to suggest that he could end up in the MCU these days. toy story icon ends up being happy sad confused podcast. A classic example of Hanks’ patented politeness, he lyrically recounts John Ford’s westerns, answering with little if any interest, but reading between the lines , it seems to me that he has not ruled out the possibility 100%. take.

Fury fans declare his era is over

nick fury avengers infinity war
Image via Marvel Studios

Speaking of legends, they’ll never get bigger in the MCU than former S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury, who is officially the franchise’s longest-running character at this point thanks to his post-credits iron man cameo.nevertheless fans agree Sam Jackson’s days in space are finally coming to an end, with some theorizing for the next year secret invasion It could serve as Fury’s swan song. If there’s any truth to this story, it wouldn’t be the same without him.

they are champions

Young Avengers/Champions
Image via Marvel Comics

We all know Marvel is working to form Young Avengers in the MCU in another fan theory update, but some are pondering If another teenage superhero team could be made live-action with or instead of them. . Considering all of these characters and others are either already in the franchise or are coming to the franchise soon, there might be something to this concept.

And the Oscars (should have gone)…

Tom Holland as Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)
Image via Marvel Studios

Marvel supporters have been saying for years that Robert Downey Jr. deserved an Oscar for his role as Tony Stark, but a new wave of support for our own friendly neighborhood Spider-Man , claiming that it’s actually Tom Holland responsible for the MCU single… best performance.yes, like twitter unanimously agree British portrayal of Peter Parker in Spider-Man: No Way Home It’s the best lead turn ever graced a Marvel movie.

tune in tomorrow disney plus daythe following roundup of the latest Marvel news.

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