A Headache-Inducing Fantasy Epic Swings for the Streaming Top 10

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Via Warner Bros.

After James Cameron Avatar broke the box office again in December 2009. The biggest lesson the rest of the industry managed to glean from this gorgeous sci-fi blockbuster was that 3D surcharges are the easiest way to extract extra cash from viewers.The Formidable Post-Conversion Impact That Rendered Louis Leterrier battle of the titans It’s hard to tell from the points.

Tim Burton’s alice in wonderland Hastily given an extra dimension (much to Cameron’s chagrin), it ended up making over $1 billion. collision It was released less than a month later, so it was inevitable that Warner Bros. would want the same reward. As expected, the mythic epic hauled in nearly $500 million, but the rushed 3D was completely barbaric.

battle of the titans
A Headache-Inducing Fantasy Epic Swings for the Streaming Top 10 3

In fact, the harshest critic was Leterrier himself, who described the process as “hurried, famous and terrifying” and even admitted that it was “just a gimmick to steal money from the audience.” , but it may have been slightly cheaper. collision It still ranks as one of the worst converted cache grabs.Avatar This is no feat when 3D is slapped on so many movies that don’t need it.

Thankfully, streaming the Sword and Sandals story at home means you never have to go through that awful experience again. flick patrol, battle of the titans is currently the 10th most-watched title among HBO Max subscribers in the US, and shouldn’t suffer from unnecessary dimensionality.

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