A Mostly Forgotten Slasher Is Getting Reappraised by Horror Hardcores

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It’s the seasonal twist of the horror subgenre that makes the holiday season spectacular. black christmas.

Despite being rebooted twice with mixed results (one incredibly bad, the other very bad), Black Christmas has managed to bolster the profile of several of its subsequent product counterparts. The Canadian production, helmed by Bob Clarke, was a sleazy sex comedy in the form of Porky’s to great success.

Nearly 50 years later, thanks in part to streaming, horror fanatics are giving the best of the originals their well-deserved love. Set in a Toronto student dormitory, an unimaginably terrifying place, sorority sisters must face music as a mysterious caller continues to threaten them with phone calls.

We are also proud of the stacked cast, Superman: The Movies Margot Kidder Star Wars with voice actress Olivia Hussey Enter dragon John Saxon snowed into a claustrophobic movie. black christmas made a big impact on Halloween Director John Carpenter has given the killer a clear visual inspiration.

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Canadian cinema and horror are not usually a very promising pairing, but in the 1970s and 80s, “canuksploitation” was rampant. B-movies flooded across the border, taking advantage of cheaper sets, actors and state subsidies, as the Canadian government wanted to revitalize the local industry.

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Frankly, there aren’t enough horror movies about Christmas. Especially for those who like to see blood splattered on cold-blown snow. Aside from this and Krampus, you’ll feel a little malnourished due to the ghosts of festive season. This movie is loosely based on real events.

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black christmas is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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