A Sleeper Horror Flick’s Word-Of-Mouth Buzz Projected to Overtake ‘Don’t Worry Darling’

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Warner Bros.

Perhaps the most tragic thing to continue don’t worry darling The drama is not doing very well at the box office despite the world’s enthusiastic attention.

vulture I’ve recently taken a deep dive into the film, its developments, its prospects and surprises, and nothing looks good.In fact, another movie coming out next week is topping the trend DWDUsually, a movie’s presage ticks upwards as its release approaches.it wasn’t don’t worry darlingas ticket sales plateaued.

Paramount’s terrifying paranormal movies smiledid not open until September 30, went ahead don’t worry darling in the ‘self-recognition’ metric of significant box office success. smile won 13 to 12 don’t worry darlingwhich is less suitable for that possibility.

There are plenty of other issues, including the fact that star Chris Pine has canceled his appearance. Jimmy Kimmel Live! Earlier this week. He also didn’t attend the film’s premiere in New York, much like his co-star Florence Pugh.

smile Based on a short film called. laura is not sleepingand it stars Sosie Bacon and Jessie T. Usher. don’t worry darling included in the cast. The plot involves a doctor who witnesses a traumatic accident and starts seeing horrible things everywhere. That’s kind of amazing. Check out the trailer below.

The fact that horror movies with many unknown stars go ahead don’t worry darling I’ll tell you a few things.Also don’t worry darling Either the movies aren’t that funny and everyone knows that, or people are sick of all the drama. don’t worry darling is currently in theaters.

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