An Unnerving Murder Mystery Narrows Down the Suspects on Netflix

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Proving once and for all that a talented cast isn’t good enough to elevate mediocre material on the basis of sheer willpower alone, night clerk It smashed through an interesting concept and a roster full of acclaimed actors to deliver far less mystery than the sum of its parts.

Despite Tye Sheridan, Helen Hunt, Ana de Armas, and John Leguizamo playing key roles, writer-director Michael Christopher’s undercooked crime thriller garnered rave reviews from critics and audiences alike. They got Rotten Tomatoes scores of 37% and 31% respectively, but managed to pull in. There are many curious Netflix subscribers.

night clerk
An Unnerving Murder Mystery Narrows Down the Suspects on Netflix 3

Although it was first added to the platform in June 2020, four months after its limited theatrical release, night clerk It’s back on the streaming service’s most-watched list in the world flick patroleven though it’s guaranteed to leave viewers more than predicting all of the major plot beats long before it happens.

Sheridan’s title character becomes the prime suspect when a woman is murdered during her shift at the hotel, but after establishing an immediate connection with de Armas resident Andrea, the killer becomes the second victim. , all while an investigation into his alleged actions picks up pace.

Murder mysteries are back in fashion, but if they become monotonous and clichéd clichés, they won’t last long. night clerkeven if it proves funny enough to keep the Netflix public occupied for a few hours this weekend.

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