Are You Liable for an Older Adult Parent’s Car Accident?


You should always respect your elders in life. But you might want to scare them on the highway.

Our older relatives may be knowledgeable and caring, but Getting behind the wheel doesn’t always make the fastest or best decisions. and, salon points out, Get recognition from older drivers Not being as safe as it used to be is difficult, if not impossible.

If the old parent’s keys cannot be taken away, plow a sidewalk full of bystanders?

Elderly driver 101

Our population is aging and most seniors have been driving their entire lives. The CDC states:Fatal crash rate is significantly increased It starts at age 70-74 and is highest among drivers age 85 and over. “

With about 36 million drivers over the age of 65 on the road, the risk of a fatal car crash is real. If an aging parent causes such a crush, the consequences can affect caregivers.

These accidents can occur without prior warning. Your ability to drive can wear off quickly, and you may not always see the signs to stop driving.

Also, not all states impose driver license renewal restrictions on older drivers. Some states require older drivers to:

  • Update in person (not by mail)
  • complete the road test
  • Submit a fitness to drive statement from your doctor

However, in many cases, it is usually children or relatives who decide whether an older person is fit to drive.

Does that mean I could be held responsible for the accident if I didn’t confiscate the parent’s key?


A person other than the driver may be legally responsible for an accident. If you lend your car to a bad driver, you may be held responsible for: negligence consignment Or vicarious liability law.

Usually this happens when a parent gives the car keys to the child. So-called”family car doctrineParents can be held responsible for their child’s car accident even if they are not in the car.

However, generally this type of liability applies only to the vehicle owner. As such, children and relatives are less likely to be held responsible for accidents when an elderly parent is driving their own vehicle.

However, depending on how much the child knows about the older parent’s disability while driving, other theories of negligence may come along, even if the child isn’t driving your vehicle.

If you or a loved one are involved in a serious car accident, we recommend that you consult with an experienced personal injury attorney about your liability and legal options.

You don’t have to fix this yourself – get help from a lawyer

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