At This Stage, Netflix Users Just Want ‘Morbius’ To Go Away

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Sony Pictures has announced that 2022 will MorbiusWell, maybe so, but not in the way the company wanted.

Morbius It received terrible reviews, dropped at the box office (twice!), and became the punching bag of cinema as the rock bottom of what a Marvel movie could be. The famous line (“It’s Morbin’ time”) is never spoken.

Finally, months after its online notoriety, the joke is old. Netflix announced earlier this week that Morbius has been added to the streaming catalog, and a common reaction from users is that they’re tired of seeing Jared Leto looking mad and grumpy.

Some are happy that Matt Smith is in something that actually succeeds. House of the Dragon:

But Smith seems to have done his best to make this disaster work.

Morbius It is indeed a “movie”:

Others see this as devaluing the sub.

However, it seems that some people actually take the opportunity to calm down and check.

anyone watching Morbius The final product was apparently cut into ribbons by the studio, and the plot doesn’t make much sense (Especially when Micheal Keaton’s Vulture appears in the credits.). The memes are the funniest thing about this movie, so stick with reading people sarcastically praising them or posting funny GIFs.

But hey, show me enough love netflix and we may still get Morbius 2: To the Morbiverse.

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