Chaos Erupts as Film Fans Jump to the Defense of ‘The Lord of the Rings’

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There are some cans of worms that should never be opened. Even with the most rigorous risk assessments, you’ll end up balancing gains and losses, at least for yourself. There are some threads in the universe that, when pulled, hold nothing but cosmic anarchy.

But if you think it can stop Reddit’s most naughty deeds, you’re dead wrong. In fact, perhaps this profane adrenaline rush is precisely what drives these perpetrators to these transgressions.claim of Lord of the Ring A movie that has become obsolete over time might suggest such a thing by itself.

Needless to say, this take set off one of the more liberal clashes we’ve seen on r/movies for some time.

It was headed by two staunch but unbiased opponents, most likely a taste for the film’s original posters, which have aged in ways that simply don’t match Peter Jackson’s beloved collection. calmly pointed out. And most importantly, there is no shame in saying so.

But things quickly got messed up.

Also, despite the best efforts of the site’s more affable members, some people stop taking it seriously at some point.

But that’s not all. The original poster’s take brought out some of the fandom’s most elite juggernauts. Whether or not the rest of the fandom wants to claim these people, however, may be an entirely different story.

I don’t know if this volatile subreddit is still around after this, but it seems to have gotten worse over the course of the year. Hopefully a lesson was learned here.good things never come out Lord of the Ring Disadvantage.

And even if you’re not a “true Tolkien fan” Lord of the rings: Ring of powerthe first two episodes of the series are now live on Amazon Prime Video.

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