Cult-Classic ‘Trick ‘r Treat’ Finally Getting Theatrical Release

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Image via Warner Bros.

To everyone who has been waiting for 15 years Trick or Treat On the big screen, your time has come.

Trick or Treat We introduced the world to Sam, the creepiest kid on this side of Chucky. Dressed in a burlap bag and an orange costume, Sam appears whenever someone breaks Halloween traditions. There are many colored pajamas.

The film saw a very limited theatrical release in 2007 and was mostly relegated to festivals. , has reached cult status over the years. Its growing popularity has made it a staple of horror cosplayers everywhere, appearing in action figures, comics, and even Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights. was reportedly in production, but the story stalled.

This may not be the sequel you were hoping for, but the horror film will get a brief chance in theaters. Trick or Treat Will join Halloween, Scream 2When lost boys at participating theaters.

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