Did Famed Director Woody Allen Announce His Impending Retirement After 72 Years of Filmmaking?

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Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Movie royalty after more than 70 years behind the camera woody allen It seems that he will retire after finishing the latest work Wasp 22The 87-year-old director toyed with the idea in a recent interview, but seemed to have a little leeway.

talking to the newspaper Lavanguardia, said he suggested it was time to put away the director’s chair. Allen told the publication: he wants to turn his attention to writing a novelexplains, “The idea is, in principle, to make more films and not focus on writing.”

Allen has been hinting at retirement for months. instagram live interview Along with actor Alec Baldwin, the director commented that the “thrill is gone” when it comes to filmmaking.

“Maybe one more movie will be made.” variety reported at that time. “When I was making the movie, it went to movie theaters all over the country. Now you take the movie and you spend a few weeks in the movie theater. It might take six weeks or four weeks, but then to streaming or pay-per-view, it’s not the same.

“It doesn’t have the same fun as making a movie and putting it in a theater. It was nice to have 500 people see it at one time… I don’t know how it feels to make a movie. I’m going to make another one, and then Let’s see how it feels.

Allen is currently in pre-production for a set in Paris Wasp 22.

Offsetting that, Allen has been steeped in claims and controversy for decades. sooni previnhe married in 1997 allegations of sexual abusewhich he denied, but despite avoiding legal judgment, the acclaimed director’s legacy was marred by the scandal.

Throughout his career, the writer/director has been surrounded by praise and critical acclaim. Annie HallHe has also won an Academy Award for his screenwriting talent, winning for Best Original Screenplay. Annie Hall, hannah and her sisters 1987, most recently in 2012 midnight in paris.

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