Fiery MCU Fans Debate the Best Trilogy in the Franchise

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Image: Marvel Studios

MCU Fans have officially named the premier franchise for the sprawling cinematic universe, which might come as a surprise.

What started as a fairly harmless post on Twitter has since become a thriving topic online, as statements about the best trilogy of MCU movies have sparked widespread debate. , sparked a wave of support and backlash when he took to Twitter to declare: captain America The trilogy is the best collection of movies the MCU has to offer, quickly garnering likes and comments from divided fans.

within hours, captain America The thank you post has amassed over 76,000 likes from grateful viewers. Many of them took advantage of the comments section to further support @ShadowKnightPK’s opinion. While many agree that Cap’s view of the MCU deserves high praise, the opinion has inevitably also sparked criticism. Not everyone agrees that it deserves the title of

Nevertheless, a huge number of commentators took time out to celebrate Cap’s popular film trio. winter soldierespecially garnered praise as viewers flooded the comments section to share their second love captain America movie. Regardless of its flaws, many of his MCU die-hard fans declared it the “best of all 30 movies” in the series.

Several other candidates were suggested for the title of Best Trilogy, captain America Loyalists shut them down tight.They came after commentators tried to uphold spiderman trilogy and the avengers The movie, but it wasn’t as bad as someone who claims they never pressed a button civil war should be considered the avengers flick. Capstan had none of it.

Marvel fans have enjoyed the debate that unfolds in the comments section as they seize the opportunity to defend and defend their favorite entries into the MCU. Her trilogy of Caps remains a consistent favorite among commenters on this post, but many are waiting for her trilogy. guardian of the galaxy Movies before they voted. The franchise is as vast as his MCU and expanding than ever, and this debate is almost guaranteed to happen every few years as fresh movies are released and former favorites fall. .

For superhero fans, it’s like a dream come true.

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