Giancarlo Esposito Still Down to be Prof. X When Marvel is Ready to Talk

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Photo by Danny Peterson.

Giancarlo Esposito In the wake of his attendance at Disney’s D2 3expo and appearance at another convention, he’s revealed details of discussions he’s had with Marvel about a potential role.

Esposito has long been a fan favorite of many of Marvel’s most epic characters, including Doctor Doom and Magneto. Such petitions from fans prompted Esposito to contact Marvel specifically to make him the next Professor X in the Cinematic Universe, a mutant he’s a superhero he’s a psychic he’s the leader of Team X. It turns out that it triggered me to ask if I was interested in male. Marvel wasn’t quite ready to delve into that conversation at the time, but Esposito spoke to a packed fan room during a recent fan Q&A at Rose City Comic-Con in Portland, Oregon.

The casting of fans started blowing up and they said they wanted to see me play Professor X….it got so big. I had to. I’d love to work with you, but they’re not ready to join the conversation.

What if… Giancarlo Esposito was a subspecies of Loki?

Earlier in the same Q&A, Esposito was told by Marvel’s head of television, Louis Desposito, LokiEsposito said he ultimately didn’t get the role because he believes he “wasn’t the one who got picked”, even though he “could have wanted to”.

What’s more, Esposito also seemed to indicate that he could have actually played a variant of Loki if casting fell through.

“And they were coming over to me to play. I was probably playing Loki on the TV side, so I didn’t do it,” Esposito said, adding that his remarks were heard from the crowd. I elicited an audible gasp.

From Esposito’s cryptic phrasing, it’s not entirely clear whether he was playing a variant of Loki or reading too much obscure syntax.Either way, it seems Marvel had some specific role in mind for Esposito. breaking bad When Mandrorian Fame didn’t elaborate further on the details of his future Loki It was an unintended role, and we soon started talking about other subjects.

When it comes to Professor X, both fans and espositos are embarking on the beloved actor taking on the role. Your move, Marvel.

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