Horror Fans Are Sharing the Lovecraftian Hits to Binge During This Spooky Season

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Cosmic horror is probably one of the least creative subgenres to ever exist. This subgenre was first masterminded by author HP Lovecraft. Call of Cthulhu Despite being fueled by Lovecraft’s nefarious (and pervasively racist) ideology in the early 1900s, cosmic horror has in many ways reclaimed its shameful origins, It has made a big comeback over and over again. books and movies.

The latter medium is a particularly interesting case. How can we visually capture what is said to be incomprehensible? With many answers over the years, the r/horror gang set to work naming the best of the most intriguing Lovecraft stories on film.

legendary horror director John Carpenter He has addressed aesthetics many times in his career.of Halloween gaffer is responsible for a flick trilogy called the “Apocalypse Trilogy”, which consists of Lovecraftian works such as: prince of darkness, in the mouth of madnessand of course darling case.

One of the most recent attempts at cosmic horror was 2019’s colors from outer space, which is itself based on the similarly titled short story by HP Lovecraft. Despite Nicolas Cage’s trademark bravado performance, the film tends to be divisive. But one user was happy to praise it all.

Several other responders went all out on this task, providing an incredibly diverse list for those looking to sink their teeth into something deliciously incomprehensible.

Cosmic horror seems to have been firmly pried out of Lovecraft’s hateful hands and is now safe with John Carpenter, Alex Garland and other laudable names in the horror business. So, anyone who wants to open up to the horrors of the universe, whether it’s the first time or he’s the 50th, needs to look no further than here.

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