Horror Fans Name and Shame the Franchises That Suffered Worse From the Law of Diminishing Returns

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When horror, just like any other genre, has hits and misses as far as sequels go. Generally speaking, the rule of thumb is that sequels rarely surpass the original, regardless of the circumstances. I love franchises scream, Halloween When Friday the 13th There have been sequels, remakes and requels over the centuries, but nothing beats the classic. However, while the odds are against most sequels, it’s not unheard of for a beloved franchise to exceed expectations as the story continues. Let’s talk about the high probability: a terrible sequel.

On Reddit, Horror Minions has compiled a list of franchises. It started out promising, but unfortunately dwindled with each sequel.

Moreover sleepaway camp When Candymanhorror junkie many nominations wrong turn Six sequels so far and a franchise remade in 2021. wrong turn (2003) was an immediate hit and a cult classic ever since, but Rob Schmidt was marred by more than 15 years of failed sequels from directors who failed to fully recreate the magic of the terrifying original.Reddit user agrees. Since it appears that Wrong Turn 5: Pedigree It was the worst of them all, but that really doesn’t say much.

rear wrong turnIt was i know what you did last summerIt’s time to step up to the chopping board.

Steven Spielberg’s chin Thrown into the mix, but here it is. clearly, chin It petrified audiences in 1975 and continues to sow seeds of doubt in the minds of avid swimmers around the world.

An obvious choice, but John Carpenter’s Halloween — it pains us to say it, but it got progressively worse with each sequel. Halloween IIIwhile the rest of the sequels are reasonably bearable, Halloween When Halloween II It’s unmatched, so when the fourth, fifth, and sixth sequels came along, the whole thing started to get a little silly. Halloween: H20John Carpenter’s vision seemed lost in translation.

The list goes on and on. You could list terrifying horror sequels all day long, but as long as you’re trying to remember the original, you’re likely to miss a few issues here and there.

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