Horror Lovers Share the Scariest ‘Blink and You’ll Miss It’ Movie Moments, Including ‘Hereditary’, ‘Insidious’ and More

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Image: Blumhouse

No genre is more effective at scaring people horrorexcept perhaps children’s television.

Strong medium and small snippets and frames like this will often remain burned into your brain for years to come. It’s a special and equally strange feeling to lie in bed at night and have it come to mind.

One frame of Freddy Krueger’s outstretched arm caught fire nightmare on elm streetresponded with frames that kept hundreds of people awake in the middle of the night.

A new reboot is on the horizon, hellraiser responsible for some of the most visually disturbing movie moments in my memory. The level of torture the characters are subjected to is impressive, and it also comes from an era when the film’s practical effects bewilder.

If you don’t think your family is great, you clearly haven’t experienced HereditaryA shocking film that sent a new wave of terror into the cinematic world, director Ari Aster skyrocketed to keep audiences entertained with flicks like: Midsummer.

exorcist When it was released in 1973, it was considered highly shocking and offensive to modern sensibilities. Linda Blair’s performance in particular was unprecedented at the time. A child who curses? Whose head is spinning? Then go up and down the wall? Oh my god!

Any Mulholland Drive Chat fan? Because David Lynch’s cinematic masterpiece was full of terrifying and just weird moments. However, it’s good to get your kids involved in quality movies early on.

Insidious was a true pioneer of the “creepy kids being stupid little geese” horror trend, and one particular frame is so iconic that it’s probably the best of its time. , it’s a shame that he didn’t quite demonstrate the same ability to wow audiences.

With some big releases expected, including the franchise’s finishing film, we’re very close to Horror Month halloween endsThey’re definitely ending it, I promise.

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